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Kunto: melko naarmuinen levy, toimivaksi testattu.

Cast: Alexis Payne, Star Chandler, Geneva, Fawna, Hana Ku

"Lucrenzia Borgia. Her name alone is synonymous with infamy. In the depths of depravity, in a role for which she was born, Alexis Payne inhabits the mind of the evil Lady Lucrezia, just as she is about to reach the top of her dark powers. Left behind by her noble husband, she is practically a prisoner of her sister-in-law, the haughty Lady Isabella. Lucrezia consoles herself in her isolation with the sensual pleasures of her lovely maid Nicola and is interrupted by Isabella, who displays her power by having her servants Polissena and Maya Nicola hold her while the lady of the castle ensures some physical discipline. This sets in motion a chain of events that leaves Lucrezia and her mistress waiting in the castle's deepest dungeon. Only the timely arrival of her brother's army turns the tables. Now it is Isabella and her followers' turn to feel all the wrath of Lucrezia's diabolical wrath. The cold-blooded countess relishes every agonising second. The slant, the whip and the tongs are waiting for the exotic Maya, while the ingenious punishments with whip and rope are reserved for the exquisite Polissena. But Lucrezia's ultimate malice is reserved for arch-rival Isabella, whose will is slowly broken in an extraordinary sequence, starting with the pillory and ending with a long, hard whipping while hanging upside down. when the night is over, Lucrezia's revenge is complete. Take a journey back in time to the DUNGEON OF THE BORGIEN, with Alexis Payne, Star Chandler, Geneva, Fawna and Hana Ku. 60 minutes. September 1993."

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