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Adaptation of Philip Roth's short novel, 'The Dying Animal', about an elderly college professor's affair with his young student. Respected professor of literature David Kepesh (Ben Kingsley) seems to have it all, a long-term relationship, a good job, and a comfortable lifestyle. But all that is turned upside down when the normally retiring, 62-year-old professor is drawn to one of his students, 24-year-old latin beauty Consuela Castillo (Penelope Cruz). As the relationship deepens, the usually free-thinking academic Kepesh finds himself becoming more sexually possessive of his new love-interest, a situation that quickly changes his personality and threatens to undermine his status and social standing.


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This is a beautiful movie, well cast well made and a story well told.

I am sure that there will be criticism from viewers who do not have the patience to follow the story through but then that is part of the charm of the film.

The film begins with the narration of a semi-celebrity professor crowing over his ability to seduce students after their graduation from his course as a confession of the abuse of his position to fuel a lifestyle of selfish self-promotion.

When he meets a student who does not fall immediately for his charms he becomes enveloped in a relationship which awakens feelings that he had previously not encountered. we learn about him from the conversations he has with his best friend and the confidences they hold about each other and from the interactions with two other significant characters, his estranged son from a failed marriage and a woman with whom he has a casual yet regular sexual relatonship.

Our knowledge about the student is released slowly rather like peeling the layers of an onion and we follow the relationship which becomes soured by his obsessive jealousy and selfishness. Eventually that selfishness overcomes his feelings of love for the woman and she disappears from his life although the aftermath of their breakup dogs him as he struggles to come to terms with that and the implications of it.

In a conclusion which is not as the plot has carefully laid out, the couple are reunited through a tragic event which allows their feelings to be exposed.

This is a tender, slow drama which goes to a great extent to establish the network of relationships between a few people in order to bring forth an analysis of how modern life in a post-industrial society has resulted in fragmentary relations involving sex without love or care and where real relationships are the exception rather than the rule.

Each of the actors involved have gone to considerable trouble to avoid extreme positions to create very real and reasonable people who have considerable credibility. Not for everyone perhaps but a very rich film to watch and ponder upon.

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