Stefan Engeseth: Detective Marketing

  • Detectivmarketing, 3. painos, 2003
  • englanninkielinen pokkari, 175 sivua
  • Hyväkuntoinen, melkein kuin uusi kirja

"Some really good examples of business metaphors" TOMPETERS! "

In his book Detective Marketing, Stefan has succeeded in creating what we always strive for: simplicity, clarity, perfection." CLAES ANDREASSON, DIRECTOR, ABSOLUT AKADEMI, THE ABSOLUT COMPANY

This book is based on my theory of creative business and the meeting of minds. Because this requires a certain mindset from the reader, my readers are primarily professionals in IT, PR, corporate communications, advertising, marketing and sales. Creativity, however, knows no boundaries. No matter what your profession is, Detective Marketing can help you grow. STEFAN ENGESETH

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Stefan Engeseth has been called everything from consultant to chaos pilot. A well known lecturer and writer, Stefan has built a solid reputation as a sort of 'Jonathon Livingston Seagull' of the business world. Over the years, he has worked with such diverse companies as Letsbuyit.com and the Swedish Postal Service. He has held over 500 lectures and workshops internationally at corporations and academic institutions attended by the University of Stockholm, Pace University (New York), IIU, IIR, BMW, J Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett, Daimler Chrysler, Ericsson, Berghs School of Communication, Public Relations and Pharmacia Corporation. He has also taken part in the Oresund Consulate's reference group on the Oresund bridge between Sweden and Denmark - one of the largest projects of its kind in Europe. He writes articles for international business magazines.

hakusanat: liiketalus kommunikaatio tiedonvälitys mainonta yritykset luovuus luova ajattelu myynti mainokset pyskologia filosofia talous taloustiede oppikirjat

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