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Tässä myytävät kirjat ovat:

Perri O'Shaughnessy: Obstuction of Justice

  • Island Books, 1998
  • nidottu, 482 sivua
  • selkä hieman vino ja selkämyksessä lukutaittumaa. Muuten siisti ja hyvin koossa pysyvä englanninkielinen pokkari.
  • toimituskulut 3,50

Englannin kielinen dekkari nuoresta asianajajasta, joka haluaa uskoa nuoren pojan syyttömyyteen, siitä huolimatta, että tärkeä todistuskappale viittaa hänen syyllisyyteen...

Lightning strikes twice.

Two people have died in Lake Tahoe in shocking accidents

In a nearly empty parking lot, a hit-and-run driver kills probation officer Anna Meade Hallowell.

High up on a jagged mountain, wife abuser Ray de Beers gets what he deserves: he's struck by lightningAttorney Nina Reilly, hiking on a rare day off from her one-woman law practice, sees him die.  So does her date, Tahoe deputy DA Collier Hallowell.  Still shaken from his wife's violent death, Hallowell is hit hard by the accident.  It's a bad end to a first date...  and the start of a case that will test Nina's ethics and her heart.

Nina is certain de Beers's death is an act of God.  But his aging father wants to exhume the body to rule out foul play.  De Beers's frantic wife and teenage twins hire Nina to stop the disinterment.

What gets unearthed are secrets that raise new questions about the hit-and-run wictim Anna Hallowell's death, an indictment against one twin for murder, and a damning piece of evidence that can convict the boy .  .  .  unless Nina obstructs justice by hiding it. 

No good lawyer will take that kind of risk.  But a brilliant lawyer, one with a passion for truth, just might .  .  . 


Stephen Frey: The Day Trader

  • Ballantine Books, paperback ed. 2003
  • pokkari, 347 sivua
  • hyväkuntoinen
  • toimituskulut 3,50

Pörssi-maailmaan sijoittuva jännäri.

Augustus McKnight senses his dead-end life is about to change when he makes a shrewd online investment and earns an impressive windfall. But before he can tell his wife about his success, she reveals an adulterous affair and demands a divorce. A day later, she is found brutally murdered– leaving Augustus as the sole beneficiary of her million-dollar life insurance policy. To escape his anguish, Augustus plunges into the world of the full-time day trader–and discovers that he has become both a pawn in a complex game of manipulation . . . and the target of a twisted quest for revenge. Now, he’s not only gambling with his fortune, but with his life.


Stephen Frey: The Inner Sanctum

  • Signer, paperback ed. 1998
  • pokkari, 448 sivua
  • Etukannessa pieni pistetty reikä, josta näkyy jälkeä muutama sivu kirjan alussa, muuten ihan OK kunnossa
  • toimituskulut 3,50

New York Times bestselling author Stephen Frey presents a financial thriller of corruption at the highestlevels of government and the greed that drives it. An IRS agent suspects foul play when her boss dies during an investigation into the financial profile of a senatorial candidate's campaign. Now she possesses the information that could ruin the candidate's career, expose the military's secret black budget, and damage the credibility of a major investment banking firm. With the help of the banking firm's portfolio manager, she intends to reveal her information...unless she is silenced first!


Clare Francis: Wolf Winter

  • Pan Books paperback edition 1988
  • pokkari, 540 sivua, TEKSTI ENGLANNIKSI
  • Kunto: Hieman lukuraitoja selkämyksessä ja etukannen alakulma ollut taitettuna, muuten ok
  • toimituskulut: 3,50

Englanninkielinen jännäri jonka juoni tapahtuu Pohjois-Norjassa kylmän sodan aikana.

In the chill of the Cold War, two Norwegians are shot dead after straying into Soviet wilderness, killings that will bind together three people in a web of treachery and passion:

Halvard Starheim, veteran explorer, torn by the deaths of his friends and his love for a beautiful woman; Regina Johansen, the exquisitely attractive widow of one of the dead men on a desperate search for love and fulfilment; Rolf Berg, brilliant Norwegian journalist whose secret other life holds the key to a deadly conspiracy.

The mission for truth will lead them to
a final confrontation in the freezing wastes of an Arctic "Wolf Winter"...

A magnificent read. Move over Frederick Forsyth and Hammond Innes" - "Sunday Telegraph".

Frederick Forsyth: Icon

  • Bantam Books, paperback edition 1997, 567 pages
  • in perfect condition, uudenveroinen
  • toimituskulut 3,50

Englanninkielinen pokkari

Kirjan tapahtumat sijoittuvat Venäjälle vuonna 1999. Kirjassa äärinationalistinen politiikko on juuri ottamassa vallan, mutta CIA agentti Jason Monkia lähetetään estämään miehen vaarallisia aikeita.

Icon is set in the Russia of 1999, where an ultra-nationalist zealot you might recognize from Nightline is about to become head of state.

When his dangerous agenda leaks out, no Western government wants to take action -- so a private task force including ex-CIA agent Jason Monk is sent in to derail the demagogue.

Its all in the grand tradition of previous Forsythe winners, from The Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File and The Dogs of War through The Fourth Protocol and The Deceiver.


Morris West: Harlequin

  • Fontana/Collins paperback edition 1975
  • Pokkari, 288 sivua
  • Vähän kulumaa kannen reunoissa, muuten ok
  • toimituskulut 3,50

Englanninkielinen jännäri pankkiiristä, jota lavastetaan hänen vaimonsa murhasta.

Head of a prestigious European bank, George Harlequin belongs to a vanishing class of gentlemen whose handshake is their bond. But when an envious corporate raider frames Harlequin for murder, no deed is too dirty if it will save Harlequin's reputation, his bank-- and his life.

"In a tiny group of best-selling novelists, Morris West qualifies as the brains of the organization." --Time

hakusanat: crime thrillers thriller dekkarit ja jännitys englainninkielinen jännitysromaanit murha lavastetaan syylliseksi English fiction spy novels Russia books in English fiction thillers thriller dekkarit ja jännitys jännitysromaanit englanninkielinen kaunokirjallisuus Kylmä Sota Norja neuvostoliitto arktinen miljöö talvi jännärit books in English finanssimaailma pörssi USA pankit politiikka poliitikot USA salaisuudet dekkarit asianajajännärit john grisham murha murhamysteerit

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