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If it’s extreme and goes off-road, then chances are this is where it’s at!
From Surrey to the Sahara, from Yorkshire to the US of A, we travelled through three continents looking for the most unusual off-roaders around. We found plenty!
In England we went on ‘competition safari’ for some skilled driving action with the dust-storming, mud-slinging members of the All Wheel Drive Club. Then we slowed the pace down but stayed with the tough stuff. Ploughing through the deepest-possible mudholes, bouncing off rocks and tree roots, riding with trials drivers through sections where most sane people would even fear to tread!
We witnessed the almost demented actions of cars, bikes and trucks crossing the Sahara in the Paris-Dakar race. Then over in the States we saw 700hp, 150mph desert racing followed by wild and wacky stadium racing with trucks, quads and mini-buggies. We watched an incredible ‘Race to the Clouds’ on 14 miles of uphill dirt road completed in 11 minutes!
We had a look at where it all started, with the World War 2 Jeep, on show at Yorkshire’s Jeepfest. Then we looked at what this led to with some stunning performances from the US military’s Gulf Wars Hummer and the UK’s mighty Chieftain tank.
Finally, we look at trends in 4WD to see where off-roaders are heading in the 21st century.

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