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Immerse yourself in the ultimate next generation FPS
You are Jack Carver, a boat skipper who thought he'd seen all the South Pacific had to offer. But nothing could have prepared you for what you are about to uncover on these islands. Heavily armed mercenaries are just the beginning of this getaway gone to hell.

  • Beautiful tropical islands and oppressive indoor locations set the scene for 20 vast, non-linear missions
  • Master an arsenal of cutting-edge weaponry and vehicles to overcome the odds and unravel a deadly conspiracy.
  • Fight perceptive enemies who adapt and improvise their tactics according to the given situation
  • Innovative multiplayer modes with revolutionary features such as sniper flare and the support class
  • Includes 'what you see is what you play' real time level editor: Easily create your own maps, missions and scenarios.


Hieman naarmuinen, 100% toimivaksi testattu peliDVD ja kotelo. SoldOut-julkaisu.

Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista (Toimii myös 7:ssa ja 10ssä)




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