Hans R. Wasastjerna: History of the Finns in Minnesota

One major aspect of the history of the United States has been the chronicle of immigration to these shores, the record of the subsequent assimilation of the varied nationality groups and the assessment of their contributions to the country's growth and culture. The record of one important segment of that immigration is herewith offered as a contribution to a rich and complex story. The history of the Finns in America began in 1638, in the earliest period of settlement of the thirteen original colonies, but the major wave of Finnish immigration came considerably later, in that classic period of immigration which followed the Civil War and extended up to the period of World War I. It is significant that the forces which compelled thousands upon thousands of Finns to leave their own country occurred in the period when immigration to the United States knew no barriers; it is typical that once the Finns arrived here they tended to settle in regions that had a familiar look, making their major concentrations appear in New England and in the north central states, particularly in Minnesota. It is in Minnesota that their pioneering role has been perhaps their most significant one, and this history of the Finns there is an attempt to preserve the record of their contributions within its boundaries. The Finns in the United States have long realized the desirability of a record of their trials and tribulations in this country...


History of the Finns in Minnesota /

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  • Tekijä: Wasastjerna, Hans R., 1926-
  • Nimeke: History of the Finns in Minnesota / Hans R. Wasastjerna ; translated by Toivo Rosvall.
  • Kieli: englanti
  • Julkaistu: Duluth (Minn.) : Finnish-American historical society, 1957.
  • Ulkoasu: 676 sivua : kuvitettu, karttoja ; 1957
  • Huomautus: Käännös.
  • Alkuteoksen kieli: und
  • Muu(t) tekijä(t): Rosvall, Toivo

Siisti kovakantinen teos vuodelta 1957

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