Muurahaisten kauhu

Muurahaisen kokoiselle maailma on suuri – ja seikkailut vielä suurempia. Sen saa nuori Luukas oppia tähtäiltyään vesipyssyllään onnettomia muurahaisia. Nämä iskevät takaisin salaisella taikajuomalla, joka kutistaa "Tuhoajan" heidän kokoisekseen. Muurahaiskeosta tuleekin kokonainen vuori täynnä jännitystä, toimintaa ja naurua.

A young boy learns the importance of teamwork and gains self-confidence in this animated feature written and directed by John A. Davis (Jimmy Neutron: Boy genius), and based on the book by John Nickle. 

Misfit Lucas (Zach Taylor Eisen) doesn't have any friends and suffers daily at the hands of the neighborhood bully. Lucas's mother (Cheri Oterie) might call her 10-year-old "Peanut," but to the ants inhabiting the colony in his front yard, Lucas is "the Destroyer." Lonely and frustrated by his small stature, Lucas repeatedly takes his aggressions out on the colony, leaving the ants running for their lives. Tired of the unprovoked attacks, Zok (Nicolas Cage), an ant wizard, devises a potion that will shrink the Destroyer down to their size so that he can stand trial for his actions. Soon, Lucas is ant-sized and sentenced to live among the ants where he has to learn their ways in order to earn his freedom. Zok's ever cheerful girlfriend, Hova (Julia Roberts), becomes Lucas's mentor, teaching him the ways of the ant world and helping him gain a whole new perspective. He begins to understand the meaning of teamwork and how working with others can help an individual accomplish great things. He also learns that danger lurks everywhere for an ant: killer wasps, hungry frogs, even sunlight reflected off a mirror can mean certain death. Even worse, before being shrunk, Lucas was tricked into signing a contract with a slimy exterminator, Stan Beals (Paul Giamatti), who will soon be returning to destroy the colony unless Lucas can find a way to stop him. An amusing, smart script and likeable characters are hallmarks of this pleasant romp through a secret underground world. 

Meryl Streep voices the Ant Queen, while Lily Tomlin is Mommo, Lucas's grandmother, and Ricardo Montalban is the Head of the Ant Council.


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Actors: Nicolas Cage, Bruce Campbell, Paul Giamatti, Allison Mack, Cheri Oteri, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, Ricardo Montalban & Zach Taylor Eisen

Director: John A. Davis

Certificate: PG

Year: 2006

Screen: Widescreen 16:9

Languages: English - Dolby Digital TruHD ; Dolby Digital Plus

Additional Languages: French ; Spanish

Subtitles: English ; French ; Spanish

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