HD LCD Analog TV Box / TV Tuner for LCD and CRT monitor Digital computer TV Program Receiver

Tukee NTSC, PAL, Secam
kytke esim. pelikonsoli, valvontakamera jne. VGA näyttöön kiinni.
- Input (sisään): RF (antenniliitäntä), komposiitti video, S-video
- Output (ulos): VGA liitäntä (esim vga näyttö)

LCD TV BOX Analog TV BOX computer TV Program Receiver HDTV HD (NTSC format)
LCD TV box series color television receivers computer support SXGA and WXGA/SWXGA (resolution to 1280*1024 / 1440*900/1680*1050/1920*1200) export, comprehensive compatible 19-inch wide screen LCD monitor. It is precisely because the regeneration rate and resolution (up1280*1024/1440*900/1680*1050/1920*1200 optional) upgrade, thus solving the ordinary TV receivers and LCD computer monitors are not compatible.
The plane will be linked with an LCD display; can easily form a Taiwan fashion, health LCD TV.
LCD TV box series color television receiver in the PC computer also has a PIP (manufacturing) function, and let you in the use of computers can also enjoy exciting television. In addition, it has a multi-picture browsing function so that you can not change the television channel to visit each channel programs.
LCD TV box series color television receivers also have a powerful computer noise suppression function allows images more delicate, clear and stable.

· Advanced scanning frequency technology upgrading, regeneration rates between convenience in 60HZ--75HZ cut over, the images without content.
· Resolution in (640*480/ 800*600/ 1024*768/ 1280*1024/ 1440*900/ 1680*1050/ 1920*1200) facilitate cut over to the full compatibility of CRT and LCD monitor.
· 4/9/16 unique picture visit function.
· Super 3D graphics Reduce noise functions for picture more clear and stable.
· Unique PIP (manufacturing) function, and that the window size and location may be adjusted.
· Function remote control and humanization of English menu operation, and the menu size and location could be arbitrary adjustments.
· Never leave station frequency (PLL) lock HF first applies to cable and antenna reception.
· A piece of AV/S interface can connect with DVD/PDP/PS2 game equipment.
· Broadband (200MHZ) PC/TV cut over switches. Embedded speakers.

• Power input: DC 5V1A
• RF input: 47870MHz
• Video input: 1Vp-pPAL/NTSC
• Resolution Alternative: 640*480/800*600/1024*768/1280*1024/1440*900/1680*1050
• frequency output: H frequency37KHz64KHz V frequency60Hz75Hz
• I/O Interface: Power Jack x 1;Antenna Plug (IEC) x 1 (Input);Infrared Ray Receiver x 1 (Input);AV Composite Output x 1 (Yellow-Video, Red/White-Audio) (Output);D-SUB Connector for VGA Output
• Dimensions:10*6.5*2.2cm
NTSC format: Used in the United States, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and other countries and regions
Package Include
• 1 x LCD TV BOX
• 1 x Remove Control
• 1 x AC Power Adapter(EU Plug Only)
• 1 x Stereo audio line
• 1 x VGA line
• 1 x stand
Color TVs usually have three formats, namely NTSC, PAL and SECAM; therefore, there are three SKU formats of these products.
NTSC format: Used in the United States, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and other countries and regions
PAL format: used in Germany, China, Hong Kong, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, the Middle East and other countries and regions
SCEAM format: used in France, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Itsellä ollut käytössä modaamattoman Japanilaisen Nintendo Family Computer kaverina.

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