Myyn vain hyvä- tai loistavakuntoisia levyjä - upea levy kyseessä. Rock'n'roll, Rockabilly, Teddyboy, Teddy Boy, Revival, Hillbilly, Psychobilly, Neobilly, Instrumental, Blues


Charly Records ?– CD RED BOX 7


7 × CD, Compilation










1-1Moanin' At Midnight2:57

1-2How Many More Years2:43

1-3The Wolf Is At Your Door3:01

1-4Getting Old And Gray2:39

1-5Howlin' Wolf Boogie2:39

1-6Mr. Highway Man2:49

1-7Saddle My Pony2:35

1-8Worried All The Time3:09

1-9Oh Red2:38

1-10My Last Affair2:59

1-11Baby Ride With Me (Ridin' In The Moonlight)2:44

1-12California Boogie3:00

1-13Look A Here Baby2:11

1-14Everybody's In The Mood (All In The Mood)3:00

1-15Color And Kind3:13

1-16Blue Bird2:51

1-17Sweet Woman3:29

1-18Well That's Alright3:03

1-19Decoration Day3:18

1-20Dorothy Mae (Tk.2)2:39

1-21Come Back Home (Tk.3)2:10

2-1Smile At Me2:08

2-2California Blues2:59

2-3My Baby Walked Away3:02

2-4My Troubles And Me3:19

2-5Chocolate Drop2:40

2-6Dorothy Mae (Tk.1)2:45

2-7Drinkin' C.V. Wine3:08

2-8How Many More Years (Alt.)2:51

2-9Baby Ride With Me (Alt.)2:58

2-10Baby Ride With Me (Alt.)2:38

2-11Baby Ride With Me (Alt.)2:37

2-12How Many More Years (Alt.)2:32

2-13How Many More Years (Alt.)2:30

2-14How Many More Years (Alt.)2:47

2-15Mr. Highway Man (Alt.)2:29

2-16My Last Affair (Tk.1)3:06

2-17Come Back Home (Tk.1)2:37

2-18Come Back Home (Tk.2)2:35

2-19Oh Red (Tk.1)2:46

2-20Oh Red (Tk.2)2:40

3-1I've Got A Woman

3-2Just My Kind

3-3Work For Your Money

3-4I'm Not Joking

3-5Mama Died And Left Me

3-6Highway Be My Friend

3-7Hold To Your Money

3-8Streamline Woman

3-9California Blues

3-10Stay Here 'Til My Baby Comes Back

3-11Crazy About You Baby

3-12All Night Boogie

3-13I Love My Baby

3-14No Place To Go


3-16I'm The Wolf

3-17Rockin' Daddy

3-18Baby How Long

3-19Evil (Is Goin' On)

3-20I'll Be Around

3-21Forty Four

4-1Who Will Be Next

4-2I Have A Little Girl

4-3Come To Me Baby

4-4Don't Mess With Me Baby

4-5Smokestack Lightnin'

4-6You Can't Be Beat

4-7I Asked For Water

4-8So Glad

4-9Break Of Day

4-10The Natchez Burning

4-11Going Back Home


4-13My Life

4-14You Ought To Know

4-15Who's Been Talking

4-16Tell Me

4-17Somebody In My Home


4-19Walk To Camp Hall

4-20Poor Boy

4-21My Baby Told Me

4-22Sittin' On Top Of The World

4-23Howlin' Blues

4-24I Better Go Now

5-1I Didn't Know

5-2Moaning For My Baby

5-3I'm Leaving You

5-4Can't Put Me Out

5-5Change My Way

5-6Getting Late

5-7I've Been Abused

5-8Howlin' For My Darling

5-9My People's Gone

5-10Mr. Airplane Man


5-12Back Door Man


5-14Little Baby

5-15Down In The Bottom

5-16Shake For Me

5-17The Red Rooster

5-18You'll Be Mine

5-19Just Like I Treat You

5-20I Ain't Superstitious

5-21Goin' Down Slow

5-22Mama's Baby

5-23Do The Do

5-24Tail Dragger

5-25Long Green Stuff

6-1Sugar Mama

6-2May I Have A Talk With You

6-3Hidden Charms

6-4300lbs Of Joy

6-5Joy To My Soul

6-6Built For Comfort

6-7Love Me Darlin'

6-8Killing Floor

6-9My Country Sugar Mama


6-11I Walked From Dallas

6-12Tell Me What I've Done

6-13Don't Laugh At Me

6-14Ooh Baby, Hold Me

6-15Poor Wind That Never Change

6-16New Crawlin' King Snake

6-17My Mind Is Ramblin'

6-18Commit A Crime

6-19Pop It To Me

6-20I Had A Dream

6-21Dust My Broom

6-22Mary Sue

6-23Hard Luck

6-24Tired Of Crying

7-1You Gonna Wreck My Life (Alt. Tk)

7-2Somebody In My Home (Alt. Tk)

7-3Nature (Takes 1-6)

7-4Nature (Alternate Take)

7-5I Didn't Know

7-6I Better Go Now (Tk 1 Only)

7-7Moaning For My Baby (Tks 3-4)

7-8I'm Leaving You (Alt. Tk)

7-9I'm Leaving You (Tks 7-10)

7-10You Can't Put Me Out

7-11I've Been Abused (Tks 5-7)

7-12Howlin' For My Darling (Tks 1-7)

7-13Wolf In The Mood

7-14Mr. Airplane Man (Tks1-2)

7-15Rollin' And Tumblin'

7-16I'm The Wolf

7-17Ain't Goin' Down That Dirt Road

7-18Conversation (Approx. 10 Min.)

Sociétés, etc.


Here are the complete recordings - 1951-1969. 151 sides made for Sam Phillips (Sun) and Chess Records. (Excluding the Super Super Plus Band (1967) and the 1968 Cadet album)

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