Kuvanmukainen alkuperäinen aasialainen Video-CD Jet Lin harvinaisesta elokuvasta Doctor Wai In The Scriptures With No Words  Kaksi levyä. Tekstitetty englanniksi.

In the early twentieth century, Doctor Wai (Asian superstar Jet Li) and his assistant Pao (Takeshi Kaneshiro) embark on a search for the 'Scriptures with No Words'. Along the way they have to battle the beautiful but deadly Yu Fung (Rosamund Kwan) and the gangster Ngai, who has been transformed into a supernaturally powerful monster.

  • Actors ? : ? Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Charlie Yeung, Johnny Kong, Takeshi Kaneshiro

I thought that this was very impressive from an action point of view, although much of the action was created using wires, which detracts somewhat from the actors fantastic abilities. The worst bit of the movie was that the subtitles are incredibly small, and tend to flash up on to the screen for a far too short period of time, making it impossible to follow the plot at times. The subtitles are also in white writing, and when the background is also white behind them it again makes it very hard to read them. They are also badly translated, making for some brilliantly funny accidents, creating jokes in translation that never existed in the original. All in all, worth watching if you are a Jet Lee fan (as I am), but not the best thing he has ever done by a long way

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