Light Of Worlds was, by far, Kool & the Gang's most spiritual and sophisticated work, produced in the wake of the success of their previous album, "Wild and Peaceful." While it was their seventh album of new material, the Gang considered Light of the Worlds their ninth LP and therefore consciously chose nine songs for the album, to represent the nine planets in the solar system. The album contains rock-inspired funk set to jazz-informed playing with afrobeat influences and a tinge of analogue synthesizing. Summer Madness is considered to be the album's highlight, incorporating smooth melodies and a mesmerizing synthesizer. It was later released as a single, with a follow up titled Winter Sadness to the Gang's Spirit of the Boogie a year later.

This is Kool & The Gang at its finest. I remember hearing this while visiting my dad as a teen, right after it's release. It's straight up old school - funk, jazz and r&b done the right way. Most people know this album for Summer Madness. If you have this CD, go back and listen again. If all you know of Kool & The Gang is Celebrate and Joanna, I beg you, go give this a listen. In an age where you're as popular as your number of likes or downloads, and your singing is primarily a clever use of autotune, this music will remind you of what music should sound like: complex, funky, catchy and memorable.

Genre: funk, soul, groove, rock, fusion, jazz

1. Street Corners Symphony (4:32)
2. Fruitman (5:19)
3. Rhyme-Tyme People (3:19)
4. Light Of Worlds (4:21)
5. Whiting H. & G. (3:17)
6. You Don't Have To Change (2:39)
7. Higher Plane (4:57)
8. Summer Madness (4:16)


9. Here After (2:54)

Julkaisuvuosi: 1974

Levy-yhtiö: Mercury

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