Lancôme Hypnôse Star Eyes - luomiväripaletti

Hypnôse Palette is revolutionising the colour universe thanks to super-smart “Wet” technology that can apply both wet and dry for different intensity. Along with the first ever magnetic professional applicators that guarantee makeup made easy.

Hypnôse Star Eyes 5 colour Palette: chic and elegant harmonies for sophisticated eyes.

A double-ended applicator:

- A sponge tip to colour the eyelid and to add a touch of light in the inner corner of the eye.

- A flocked tip to highlight the arch of the eyebrow and to draw a perfect line.

A brush applicator to sculpt the eye from the outer corner into the crease and to blend all colours together.

Hypnôse Star Eyes, a sophisticated eye made easy.

Step 1 Using the sponge, apply Shade 1 all over the eyelid.

Step 2 Apply Shade 2 underneath the brow bone with the flocked tip.

Step 3 Wet the side of the flocked tip and line the eye contour using Shade 3.

Step 4 Apply Shade 4 to the eye's external corner using the brush

Step 5 For added drama, apply Shade 5 to the internal corner of the eye using the sponge

Artist tips:

For a softer, daytime look apply step 3 dry rather than wet. For extra colour intensity, wet the sponge and follow steps 4&5.


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