Scorching hot Rockabilly from Los Angeles, The Big Payoff is the brand new album from Lil' Mo & The Unholy 4.
A rockin' mix of original songs and excellent vintage covers that are sure to make you blow your top.
Born in the death house of Parchment Prison Farm, and sired by werewolves, The Unholy Four are a quartet of hell-raising hooligans bent on giving the devil his due by making unearthly noise up and down the west coast!
"Playboy" Ricky McCann and Randall Stanton hold down the back beat and bass fiddle, while up on six strings "Spanish" Mike Sobieski creates devilish licks and leads.
All of this fury is caught in a catchers mitt, shines up with black tar and is thrown with a wicked curve by the redneck high screeching sound of one "Lil Mo" Everett, on loan to Lucifer from the fabulous Los Angeles doo-wop octet, The Dynaflos.
After sippin' some of Grandpappys sippin'-shine and sitting on a thumbtack or two, the sound that a-comes out of the jerry-rigged amplification is a harmonious horror-fest of good old East Texas Rockabilly and Louisiana Swamp Blues, with just a hint of Grand Old Opry on the side.

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