Richard Pettinger, Bob Nelson & Peter Economy: Management for Dummies
ISBN: 9780470977699
Kustantaja: Wiley
Kieli: Englanti
Painovuosi: 2011, 2. painos
Sivumäärä: 376
Sidonta: Nidottu, pehmeäkantinen
Kunto: Tyydyttävä

Muuta: Kansissa kulumaa ja nuhruisuutta, etenkin nurkissa.

"Make your mark in the world of management

Good management is vital to the success of every business butbeing a good manager isn't always easy. This book offers you expertadvice on hiring the right staff, building effective teams,resolving office politics and maintaining your own work/lifebalance. Inside you'll find examples and guidance to help youidentify the styles of management you need to succeed and to dealwith the challenges of being a manager today.

- Be the best – learn great techniques for coaching,mentoring and inspiring your employees to perform at their best
- Get to the point – set goals and targets, and discover howto manage people and projects
- Connect with others – use effective communication skillsand discover the best ways to convey your messages
- Get political – assess a wide range of management risksand learn key techniques for dealing with office politics
- Become a 21st-century manager – harness the power oftechnology and use it to help with budgeting and accounting

Open the book and find:

- How to take the first steps into management
- Advice on being a truly great interviewer
- Techniques on developing and mentoring employees
- Guidance on juggling priorities
- Why understanding your stakeholders is vital
- A guide to 21st-century functions of management

Learn to:

- Use the latest management techniques, tools and technology
- Develop leadership skills and integrate them into yourmanagement style
- Manage a business and team through difficult times
- Become a great global manager"

Asiasanat: liiketalous, liikkeenjohto, yrittäminen, yrittäjä, pomo, esimies, esimiestyö, johtaminen, johtaja, management, hallinto, business, liiketoiminta, raha, menestyminen, self help, business books

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