MICHAEL  QUATRO   .... Brother of Suzi Quatro

  Lotus  Records  .. LS 4099  ...   PROG / ROCK

Made  in  Sweden


Michael Quatro Michael Quatro Band album cover


Studio Album, released in 1980


Tracks Listing :

A1  ..   Can't Leave You Alone 4:30 

A2  ..   Give Me a Chance 4:08 

A3  ..   Heart Bandit 4:24 

A4   ..  Detroit City Blues 4:00 

B1  ..   Juicy Lucy 4:12 

B2  ..   Easy Street 3:41 

B3   ..  Tighter Tighter 3:13 

B4  ..   Hold You 3:47 

B5  ..   Space Strut 4:10 




Tom Clupak - Guitar 

Teddy Hale - Guitar 

Vocals :

Gary Jackson/ 

Greg Kobe /

John Macintyre /

Belinda McClure/ 

Michael Quatro Keyboards -  Vocals 

Bill Reyna - Drums 



Tracy Richardson / 

Lyn Rousko /

David Surkamp/ 

John Thorpe - Drums 

Michael Quatro picture


Recording artist, composer, pianist & singer songwriter Michael Quatro has sold in excess of 20 millions albums worlwide since 1972.

Between 1970 and 1984 he released seven albums a few of which sat nicely within the crossover realm of prog and pop. 

Michael Quatro was born in Detroit , Michigan, USA and began a classical music career at the age of just seven as a pianist.He began also playing for the Detroit Symphony Orchestra

.In 1969 he also began a talent agancy which helped develop the careers of Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and Funkadelic to name but a few.

He is renowned for unusually releasing albums created in single takes, not disimilar to another highly acclaimed artist called Van Morrison. A few albums of his recommended would be 1975's, In Collaboration With The Gods and 1995's Vision.


Michael Quatro's satin-clad arse





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