Michael Palin DIARIES 1969 - 1979 - THE PYTHON YEARS

Varsin hyväkuntoinen kirja. MONTY PYTHON, ELÄMÄNKERTA

"His showbiz observations are so absorbing . . . Palin is an elegant and engaging writer (GUARDIAN)

Accomplished . . . If Palin's comic genius is a given, this is a more rounded portrait of the decade which saw the Pythons become icons. Our favourite TV explorer shows us the workings of an unstoppable machine (DAILY EXPRESS)

Palin's style is so fluid, and his sincerity so palpable, that it is often easy to underestimate just how talented he is as a comedian, broadcaster and a writer . . . [the diaries] are just too good and he is too modest (SUNDAY EXPRESS)

Delightful and often extraordinarily funny . . . An entertaining and at times deeply moving read (MAIL ON SUNDAY)

If anyone writes a diary purely for the joy of it, it is Michael Palin . . . This combination of niceness, with his natural volubility, creates Palin's expansiveness (THE TIMES)

Palin's steady eye, contemplative bent and instinct for honest appraisal make him the perfect chronicler of a frequently insane period which saw the Monty Python team become the most celebrated comedians in the world (TIME OUT)

A real delight to read (SAGA MAGAZINE)

A slow burn, revealing its pleasures only gradually, and allowing readers the warm glow of hindsight denied its writer

. . . This book will make the perfect present for those comedy obsessives of a certain age, who will know exactly what it is long before they have unwrapped it (SPECTATOR)

Book Description

Michael Palin's bestselling diaries of his life before, during and after Monty Python."

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