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Neil Forsyth with Elliot Castro: Other People’s Money - The rise and fall of Britain’s boldest credit card fraudster

London 2007: Pan Books. 312 pages. Paperback. The book is in very good condition.

This is the incredible true story of Elliot Castro, a working-class kid with no qualifications or money who decided he wanted to see the world in style. And at the age of sixteen he found the perfect way to achieve his ambition - credit card fraud. For the next six years he played an international game of cat and mouse with credit card companies, airlines and police forces. Along the way, he had a pretty good time.

From London to New York, Ibiza to Beverly Hills, Elliot lived a fantasy life, staying in famous hotels, travelling first class, blowing a fortune on designer clothes and champagne. Until, as the police finally closed in on him, his life began to spiral out of control ...

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