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Cece Wire

25 Creative Jewelry Projects

Metal clay is the most exciting material in jewelry design today: the procedures for molding and shaping are simple, the tools few, and the results stunning.

CeCe Wire, a leader in the field, details all the newest innovations and clays, as well as the basics for beginners. She includes every form and formula, plus an extensive array of cutting-edge techniques that range from stone-setting to surface finishing. Numerous color photos showcase diverse possibilities, including enameling methods such as champlevé, inlaying with epoxy resin, and silk screening.

Twenty-five projects—some easy, some more advanced—include gorgeous beads, a bold contemporary brooch, and stacked rings made from silver and 22 karat gold.

144 pages

Kirjan koko: 26 x 22cm - Paino 0,7kg - 144 sivua

Hakusanoja: Metalli - Korut - Korutyöt - Opas - Korusuunnittelu

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