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Bad boy by Olivia Goldsmith

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  • A Romantic, Sophisticated And Wickedly Funny Comedy.  Very Good
  • A girl meets a bad boy and wham! Her whole life falls apart. Then she decides to turn the nice boy she hangs out with into a bad boy and wham! Her whole being falls in love with him. How will Tracie ever get away from the bad boys and write that book she has always wanted to write? Like some young adult book written for the parents of those girls, BAD BOY is a simple little fable about getting what you want and then not knowing what to do with it. Olivia Goldsmith is good at this sort of thing --- she also wrote THE FIRST WIVES' CLUB and THE BESTSELLER.
  • Sivuja 324 Pehmeä kantinen pokkari / Paperback 324 pages
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