Paavo Raukko: Military Rifles of Armies in Europe 1867-1886. Including Bayonets and Cartridges

PRo-books 2015, kovakantinen kuvakansin, 255 sivua

The Book is hard cover, size A4 vertical. It contains 250 pages, and includes technical information and 200 full-length colour photos of rifles with bayonets, 400 detail photos of weapons and 60 photos of cartridges.

In alphabetical order each major country of Europe has a foreword covering the basic political history and the development of the country's firearms industry, followed in chronological order with photographs showing the development of their service arms. Includes pictures showing close up details of the major differences between models and under each firearm is shown the basic issue bayonet.

Calibre, overall length , barrel length, number of grooves, twist rate and rear sight measurement are also listed.

At the end of each section there are various photos of ammunition and relevant data.

The book provides good solid information and will appeal to novice or advanced collectors.

Included is information of officially accepted rifles and carbines for use of the following armies in period 1867 – 1886:

  • Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Great Britain
  • Kingdom of Denmark  
  • Republic of France
  • Imperial Germany
  • Kingdom of Greece
  • Kingdom of Holland
  • Kingdom of Italy
  • Kingdom of Portugal
  • Russian Empire
  • Kingdom of Spain
  • Kingdom of Sweden-Norway
  • Swiss Confederacy


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