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Acting as an elite soldier, players of Vietcong command the A-team, part of the U.S. Special Forces, in realistically represented Vietnamese environments. Players will lead as many as six expertly trained soldiers through 20 dramatic missions, and follow a storyline that captures the danger, fear and unpredictability of the war itself. The full-featured multiplayer mode also allows gamers to play as U.S. Special Forces or Vietcong soldiers and to battle over specially designed levels.

In Vietcong, the player chooses from more than 25 weapons, including M16´s, grenade launchers and sniper rifles. Players can order air strikes or ambush enemy patrols, but success ultimately depends on their ability to keep a level head in the thick of intense action.

Stalk your enemy with an elite special force of six soldiers each with their own specialties!

Fight for honor and freedom in over 20 dramatic missions!

Strike from the shadows with more than 20 deadly weapons!

Infiltrate dangerous underground lairs containing miles of elaborate tunnels!

Conquer your fears in the realistic environments of a lethal and vengeful war zone!

Save your skin with timely radio communication to call in air strikes, request evacs, and receive valuable intel!

Race across hazardous terrain in jeeps, trucks, and riverboats!

Stay alert or your next step could trigger one of over a dozen terrifying traps!

Enter a killing zone as either U.S. or VC soldiers against opponents in heart-stopping multiplayer action!

Full EAX support captures the sounds of fearsome jungle warfare, with ricocheting bullets and deafening explosions.


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