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From the American War of Independence to World War II, the history of the military combat marksman is one of indifference and cost cutting. Despite the proven effectiveness of the rifleman in battle, for most of the 20th century snipers were regarded as little more than paid assassins. It was not until the Vietnam War that the undeniable effectiveness of the sniper was fully appreciated by the military, and with the advent of the 21st century the sniper has become one of the most vital battlefield specialists. Illustrated throughout with colour and black and white photographs, this chronological study of snipers details their evolution, training, weaponry and tactics. It also includes material from the author’s first hand interviews with the veteran snipers whose skills and extraordinary courage have made them the most greatly feared specialists in warfare.

The sniper in perspective · The rifleman emerges. 1500-1854 · American Civil War and European Wars 1854-1914 · World War One, the watershed, 1914-1916 · World War One, the fight back 1916-1930 · Russian sniping. 1926-1945 · Germany and the war in Russia. 1941-1945 · The War against Japan. 1941-1945 · The War in Western Europe. 1940-1945 · Limited Wars, 1945-1985 · Vietnam, America's nemesis · Into the 21st century

Paperback; October 2006; 352 pages; ISBN: 9781846031403"

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