Paris, 1920s: a horrific ritualistic murder has taken place in an upscale hotel. Enter Gus MacPherson: a former American private detective hired by a mysterious and sensuous woman, Sophia Blake, to find out who murdered her beloved sister and brother-in-law. The police are not handing the case to her satisfaction, causing her to seek out MacPherson's help.

You take on the role of MacPherson--a no-nonsense detective with a clairvoyant gift--and investigate this thrilling and suspenseful case. Interact with over 20 characters, and immerse yourself in the dark, moody and paranormal atmosphere.

  • First person-perspective adventure game in beautiful pre-rendered environments
  • Dark, moody and paranormal atmosphere faithfully reproducing Paris during the 20s
  • Non-linear gameplay with multiple endings
  • 20 different characters each with unique personalities, all essential to the investigation
  • Thriller 'film noir' storyline and artistic style

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Tuotenumero: PC36S

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