Protones: Cartunes ( Rock Indiana)

Todella hyvää powerpoppia Espanjasta.

All Music Guide esittelee bändin näin:
A power pop band from Spain, Protones debuted with the release of an EP attached to the first issue of a fanzine called Rock Indiana, followed by their first album, Cartunes. After issuing Nothing to Say in 1996, the Plimsouls' Paul Collins teamed up with the band, producing their following record, Not That Difficult. Protones moved to California to participate in the International Pop Overthrow soon after. In 1999, guitarist Octavio (aka Octavio Vinck) and bassist Tato (aka David Tato) joined the band. In 2001, the Spanish group returned with Come Out and Play, including "Now That I Think of It," a song featured in the movie No Te Fallaré.

01 - Dirty
02 - Outta Yer Stuff
03 - She's In Love
04 - Right By The Time
05 - Footsteps
06 - Mean Time
07 - Hangover
08 - Over Now
09 - Why Did You Ever Say
10 - April
11 - Gone
12 - Medicine 91
13 - Frustration
14 - Bad Boy
15 - Medicine

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