Tässä varsinainen punk-kirjaharvinaisuus!!!!
The New Wave

128 sivua.

205 x 270 mm.

Paljon kuvia, sanoituksia, haastatteluja Rotten, Sex Pistols, Joe Strummer, The Clash, Dave Vanian, The Stranglers, The Slits.

Melody Maker punkjournalisti Caroline Coonin toimittama kirja punk rockin synnystä ja mitä todella tapahtui 1977-83.

These days you have a great - and sometimes confusing - choice of books dealing with punk. Thirty years ago it was a different story. Packed with great photos too, it is an excellent book deserving a reissue together with an even more obscure gem: Punk by Julie Davis. Add 100 Nights at Roxy, The Bible (on Sniffin Glue, this one has been reissued) and Ray Stevensons Sex Pistols File and you probably have the best five books on the subject generally speaking. Then you will have to wait for Jon Savage Englands Dreaming and Clinton Heylin From The Velvets To The Voidoids to have similar, but not so fresh,flavours.

Caroline Coon
Caroline Coon, artist and political activist, was at Central St. Martins School of Art and Design in the 60s when she founded the anti-prohibition drug information and civil rights organisation Release. She published The Release Report: Drug Offenders and the Law in 1969, and 1988: The Punk Rock Explosion in 1977. When Coon went to the Sex Pistols second gig in 1976, she found the answer to this question: With the 60s psychedelic revolution dead and buried and hippies derided as "boring old farts", what will youth do now? Johnny Rotten personified the nihilistic fury of a generation untouched by peace and love. At first, Coons editor at Melody Maker didnt want to know. Determined anyway to write the story of the emerging "hate and war" counterculture, and thrilled by the music, Coons seminal punk piece in MM on July 28, 1976, was the first to tackle the subject of the new "punk rock". Coon currently lives and works in London.

Käytetty, hiukan pehmenneet reunat ja jonkin verran tussilla alleviivauksia. Muuten ryhdissä. Ei leikkeitä, eikä irroneita sivuja. Kaikinpuolin luettava ja helvetin mielenkiintoinen kirja.
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