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Race of Scorpions (Dark Horse;1-2 of 2;1990)

Genre: Science fiction

First Issue  #1 - [March] 1990    Last  #2 - [September] 1990



Race of Scorpions #1 [March] 1990

Race of Scorpions #2  [September] 1990



Dark Horse Comics, 1990, 48 s., värikuv., 26 cm, niittinidos.


Race of Scorpions #1 (of 2)

All 48 pages of the first serialized Race of Scorpions story (that originally appeared in DHP #23-27) are now collected in one beautifully hand-painted volume by creator Leo Durañona. Young Dito and the lovely Alma, both running from their desert home for different reasons, become ensnared in a war between the forces of the emperor and the rebel army lead by a mysterious stranger. This collection features a new painted cover by Durañona.


Race of Scorpions #2 (of 2) 48 pages

During their stay in the Golden City, Alma, Dito, and the mysterious Stranger become embroiled in a plot to overthrow the despotic Emperor. But which side the Stranger will take in the conflict is called into question when it is discovered he's the Emperor's brother! Originally published in Dark Horse Presents, this exciting tale of intrigue is now presented in glorious, hand-painted color.



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