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Ralph "Sonny" Barger: Ridin' High, Livin' Free
Alaotsikko: Hell-Raising Motorcycle Tales
Muut tekijät: Keith & Kent Zimmerman
ISBN: 1841157422
Kustantaja: Fourth Estate
Kieli: Englanti
Painovuosi: 2003
Sivumäärä: 260
Sidonta: Nidottu, pehmeäkantinen
Kunto: Hyvä

Muuta: Kansien nurkissa lievää kulumaa.

"An angel spreads his wings...

Sonny Barger is the number-one spokesman for the motorcycle experience. His New York Times bestseller, Hell's Angel, was an exhilarating history of his adventures with the world's most notorious motorcycle club. Now he brings us rousing, moving, and wildly entertaining true stories of his renegade brothers and sisters in the relentless pursuit of liberty, individuality, and the "ultimate ride."

And what stories he has to tell -- freewheeling, bare-knuckle tales of brawls and battles, brotherhood, breathtaking adventures, crazy quests, and the inevitable classic scrapes with "John Law." The most colorful legends and unforgettable characters of biker lore come alive in this book. In addition, celebrities like Steve McQueen, Johnny Paycheck, and David Crosby thunder through these pages in a sensational collection of rebel tales that runs the gamut from poignant and inspiring to thrilling and utterly outrageous.

Whether you ride, have never ridden, or dream of riding, Ridin' High, Livin' Free is a reading experience you won't soon forget -- a fascinating glimpse into a unique culture of freedom that recognizes only one commandment: the code of the road."

Asiasanat: hell's angel, angels, helvetin enkelit, moottoripyöräily, moottoripyöräjengi, 1 %, prosenttijengi, järjestäytynyt rikollisuus, tarina, kertomus, on the road, matkakertomus, easy rider

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