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Real Fast Indian Food: More Than 100 Simple, Delicious Recipes You Can Cook in Minutes

Mridula Baljekar. Metro 2002. Nidottu pehmeäkantinen, 224 sivua. Englanninkielinen, English.


Mridula Baljekar shows that creating delicious Indian dishes with fresh ingredients need not be time-consuming. All it takes to make her tasty and authentic meals is a little organization and a few simple steps. Enjoy both classic and contemporary dishes gathered from her many travels throughout India—recipes like Spinach and Potato Soup with Fresh Ginger, Chili Chicken with Coconut and Curry Leaves, Fish in Aromatic Yogurt Sauce, and Onion Raita with Roasted Peanuts. Ranging from soups to sweets, Real Fast Indian Food also includes a guide to ingredients and a menu planner. Mridula Baljekar is a leading authority on Indian cooking; among her many books are Curries: Fire and Spice, The Real Balti Cookbook, and The Complete Indian Cookbook.

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