Rosa Liksom: One night stands

Serpent's Tail 1993. Pehmeäkantinen. 120 s. Englanninkielinen, English.

Thanks to Rosa Liksom, post-punk writing is alive and well in Finland. Her vignettes on contemporary urban living have made her the representative writer of her generation. Her characters work, play, and drink hard and have little time to wallow in self-indulgence. Like the film-maker Kaurismaki, Rosa Liksom portrays a generation left high and dry by the post-war economic 'miracle', no-hopers for whom paradise is drugs and cheap drink in Copenhagen.

" Writing from the vantage of Helsinki, Liksom blitzes past the reader on a mission to capture life's pointless, violent, destructive, and sexist aspects. Her actors, mostly teenagers and twenty-somethings--or nothings, rather--are devoid of bourgeois ambition and survive outside respectability. Like quantum gravity fluctuations, they materialize in Liksom's brief, two-page vignettes, undergoing some transient experience (getting drunk/laid/arrested/knocked up) before vanishing back into the city's space-time continuum, then poof! the next story begins. There are no messages here and events are random, but occasionally Liksom lays off the nihilism to sketch affecting scenes: a young woman shelters an ex-lover and gets him on his feet; another woman admires her man as he dresses in rings, bracelets, and leather. A gritty collection, but hip and real enough to attract like-aged library patrons." Gilbert Taylor


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