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This book features all-new projects aimed at the hottest trend in garden and yard decoration-rustic structures and accents made from green wood, soldered copper, weathered wood, rough cedar, unfinished iron, and other common materials. Rustic ornaments and structures now dominate most upscale landscape centers and arboretums-some structures sell for hundreds of dollars, using materials that can be acquired for a few dollars. Given the expense of these pieces of yard art, the cost savings offered by doing it yourself are enormous.
The book opens with an idea section demonstrating how rustic structures and accents can transform the look of a landscape. This is followed by a section showing where to find green wood and other materials, and how to work with them. The heart of the book is 20 plans and step-by-step directions for a wide range of projects. Projects include: rustic bird houses and wildlife feeders made from weathered cedar; arbors and trellises made from rough willow branches; a garden bench made from bark-on branches shaped by an ax; a garden obelisk made from soldered copper allowed to weather; woven-twig garden edging. The projects are remarkably easy to build, and most can be completed in a single weekend.

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