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Join the cast of characters from Shark Tale on a fun and interactive underwater adventure. Play as Oscar or one of his friends and visit locations from Shark Tale in six fun engaging activities. Test your skills at hand-eye coordination, problem-solving, or memory recall. And, of course, the popular music will get you shakin' your dorsal fin non-stop.

Children can participate in a wide variety of six fun and entertaining activities where they help out their favourite Shark Tale Characters:

  • Show Me Your Moves - Hot music inspires the hottest dance moves, you must mimic the patterns to enable Oscar to move to the beat and wow the crowd.
  • Office Antics - The Whale Wash Office is a mess and this activity will test your matching and logic skills in order to clean it up.
  • Veggie Surprise - Help Lenny fool people into eating vegetables instead of fish. Use a collection of reef-based vegetables to create fake fish dinners.
  • Up In The Air - Luca is learning to juggle, but with 8 arms, it's quite a task. Help the Octopus keep the shells in the air by testing your reflexes.
  • Sure Thing - Help Sykes win some big clams at the race track. Finish first in the Seahorse race and move to the next level.
  • Shocking - Ernie and Bernie love to shock things, help the Jellyfish untangle their stingers and zing each other for energising fun.
  • Completion of Shark Tale activities are rewarded with printable certificates, posters, concept art and more.
  • Includes actual characters, locations and activities from the real movie and music from today's popular artists.
  • Unlock more playable music with each task completed
  • Fun and funky music, including remixes of "Carwash", "Can't Touch This" and tracks from Wild Cherry, The Fat Boys, Sean Paul, Ziggy Marly, Christina Aguilera and many more.

Windows XP/VISTA7 -yhteensopiva.

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