Samuel Shellabarger: Prince of Foxes

  • Avon Books, first Avon printing, 1973
  • pokkari, 406 sivua
  • Lukuryppyjä selkämyksessä ja eutkannen alakulmassa taitumaa, muuten ihan OK kunnossa
  • englanninkielinen kirja / Book in English

Suuren suosion saanut, asiantuntevan historioitsijan kirjoittama, historiallinen romaani. Maanviljelijän poika Andrea Orsini nousee upseerin asemaan ja seikkailee 1500-luvun Italian renessanssihoveissa, salamurhaajien ja kaunottarien keskellä. Suomenkielisenä käännöksenä kirjan nimi on Loistava Orsini. Kirjasta on myös tehty elokuvaversio nimeltään Veijareiden kuningas.

Set in Renaissance Italy, this classic of American popular fiction is the story of Andrea Orsini, a peasant boy who rises to perform delicate political, military, and romantic missions for Cesare Borgia

Review by a reader:

Prince of Foxes is a rare book that succeeds both in creating a dramatic story with compelling characters as well as perfectly capturing the tone of the age.

 The author's background as a historian shines through his work, and his love of Renaissance Italy is palpable. More interesting to me was how it contrasted with his treatment of more medieval thoughts and practices that Italy was leaving behind- so evenhanded and oblique is Shellabarger's approach that at final analysis he does not seem a clear partisan for one or the other.

  The book is divided into several overarching sections, each with a distinct tone. The first volume of Prince of Foxes had a quite separate personality from what would follow later, changes manifested not just by character growth but a different look at the world the characters live in that encourages the reader to continuously re-analyze the setting and actors within it.

 At final analysis, the setting is the gem of Prince of Foxes. Historical personages appear and act true to the legacy we have of them, and mold so seamlessly that a casual reader may be forgiven for not knowing which characters are entirely of the author's imagination and which truly lived and breathed. This was a wonderful book I would strongly recommend.


hakusanat: historical fiction novels historialliset romaanit Itali 1500-luku Lucrezia Borgia seikkailut jännitys Borgiat historia renessanssi renässansens Italien historiska romaner

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