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This volume contains the first two of Freud's six major case histories, which rank amongst the foremost classics of psychoanalytical literature. 'Dora' and unhappy eighteen-year-old hysteric, was treated by Freud in 1900. The care illustrates the value of dream interpretation in treatment. Analysis of 'Dora's' dreams revealed a complicated web of emotions - love, hatred and jealously - which had been so deeply repressed that she was unaware of them. As Freud says, 'We are obliged to pay as much attention in our case histories to the purely human and social circumstances of our patients as to the somatic and the symptoms of the disorder. Above all, our interest will b directed towards the family circumstances...'

'Little Hans' was a five-year-old boy who suffered from a violent fear of horses which made him terrified of even going out of doors. He was treated in 1908 with complete success. This was the first published account of a child analysis. It was also the first time that Freud was able to support his revolutionary ideas about infantile sexuality with direct observations of a young child, which the boy's father provided. Hitherto Freud's information about childhood experiences had been gathered solely from patients. 

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