Kuvien elokuva. EI SUOMITEKSTEJÄ! Tekstit englanniksi. Tätä elokuvaa ei ole edes julkaistu Blu-ray:na suomitekstein. Aluekoodi 2 B, eli toimii suomalaisissa Blu-ray soittimissa. 

Skinner - Limited Edition   (Blu-ray + DVD) (Tuonti)   uusi ja muoveissa. 

Kauhu vuodelta 1993 ohjaus Ivan Nagy pääosissa Ted Raimi ja Traci Lords.

4K masteroitu!

101 Films presents Skinner (1993), a dark and brutal horror from director Ivan Nagy and writer Paul Hart-Wilden and title 010 on 101 Films’ Black Label. Starring Ted Raimi (Spider-Man), Traci Lords (Blade), David Warshofsky (There Will Be Blood), Richard Schiff (Se7en) and Rikki Lake (Hairspray), Skinner is released for the first time in the UK on any format.

At one time thought a lost film, Skinner has been resurrected from obscurity in a mind-blowing 4K restoration so cult cinema fans can now witness this 90s horror gem in all its sinful, sleazy and violent glory.

Dennis Skinner (Raimi) seems like a normal enough guy, but he has a very abnormal hobby. At night, he creeps through the back streets looking for potential victims, and when he finds one, carefully removes their skin with an elaborate collection of knives. Heidi (Lords), one of Dennis' victims, is on his trail, waiting for a chance to get her revenge, but in the meantime Dennis has developed a crush on Kerry (Lake), and wants to find a way to show her he really cares.

Valmistusvuosi: 1993

Kesto: 1 h 18 min / 1 h 15 min 

Kuva: Widescreen 1.77:1 HD 1080p

Ääni: Englanti - LPCM 2.0

Tekstitys: Englanti SDH

Kotelon kansien kieli: Englanti

Alue: 2 (eurooppa)



  • Limited edition booklet includes ‘Finding Skinner’ - Screenwriter Paul Hart- Wilden on the long and multi-faceted search for the ‘lost’ Skinner master

Additional extras:

  • A Touch of Scandal - Interview with Director Ivan Nagy
  • Under His Skin - Interview with Star Ted Raimi
  • Bargain Bin VHS For A Buck - Interview with Screenwriter Paul Hart-Wilden
  • Cutting Skinner - Interview with Editor Jeremy Kasten
  • Flaying sequence out-takes and extended takes
  • Trailer
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