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All 10 episodes from the third season of the Channel 4 comedy drama series that follows a group of teenagers as they struggle with highly-charged issues such as race, religion, sexuality, drugs, and food disorders. Living on the bright side, they are out to get high, get drunk, get laid and - hopefully - get up for their A levels. Episodes are: 'Everyone', 'Cook', 'Thomas', 'Pandora', 'Freddie', 'Naomi', 'JJ', 'Effy', 'Katie and Emily' and 'Finale'.


Channel 4's critically-acclaimed drama follows the angst-ridden lives of its teenage characters, as they grapple with issues of race, religion, sexuality, drugs, and eating disorders. Skins' portrayal of these characters as poster children of the hedonistic lifestyle is unflinching in its candour. The third series does way with the established characters of Tony, Maxxie, Sid and the gang, and introduces a whole new cast of angst-ridden teens. So expect plenty more bitching, backstabbing, and general bad behaviour in this, the complete third series.

- Video diaries
- Behind the scenes of each episode
- 4 x Skins stories
- Behind the scenes of the London and final auditions
- Trailers and behind the scenes of the trailer shoot

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Firstly, I must admit that I am not usually a Skins fan-as a teenager, and student, I actually find the drug and promiscuity-related storylines to be TV at its lowest but, after hearing everyone at school talk about Skins 1 & 2, I thought I would give series 3 a go and, having watched it on television, 3 years later, I have bought it for £5.99 on DVD.

Admittedly, there are few things that appeal to me in the series, HOWEVER, there are a couple of storylines and pieces of casting in this series that are exceptional. Firstly, the character of JJ is one that draws the viewer in and makes them understand people with conditions such as JJ's more-something that I feel was perhaps intended by the creators and, certainly, is worth a considerable amount of praise. But that is just one thing.

The Naomi-Emily storyline (sometimes dubbed 'Naomily') is what has, undoubtedly, made this series what it is. The casting of all three actresses involved (both Prescotts and Loveless) is nothing short of fantastic and the storyline is captivating and beautifully told and really is worth repeat viewings. The stand-out episode is by far 'Naomi' and I am sure that there is not many who would argue with that.

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