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SMOKEY ROBINSON & The MIRACLES Ultimate collection CD 


Going To A Go-Go 2:49 I Second That Emotion 2:40 Shop Around 2:48 Way Over There 2:55 Bad Girl 2:42 Who's Lovin' You 3:02 I'll Try Something New 2:36 You've Really Got A Hold On Me 2:56 Mickey's Monkey 2:46 I Like It Like That 2:34 Ooo Baby Baby 2:42 Choosey Beggar 2:32 My Girl Has Gone 2:52 The Tears Of A Clown 3:03 Baby, Baby Don't Cry 3:58 The Tracks Of My Tears 3:00 The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Miracle 2:57 (Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need 2:29 More Love 2:48 Special Occasion 2:18 If You Can Want 2:25 Yester Love 2:17 We've Come Too Far To End It Now 3:49 What's So Good About Goodbye 2:21 (You Can) Depend On Me 3:07

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