Elephunk is the third studio album by American hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. It was released on June 24, 2003, by the will.i.am Music Group and A&M Records. The album charted at number 14 on the American Billboard 200 albums chart and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and has gone on to sell more than 9 million copies worldwide, with 3.2 million in the United States alone.

Track Listing

01. hands up
02. labor day(it's a holiday)
03. let's get retarded
04. hey mama
05. shut up
06. smells like funk
07. latin girls
08. sexy
09. fly away
10. the boogie that be
11. the apl song
12. anxiety
13. where is the loveTrack Listing

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