With irrepressible tracks including 'Mr. Brightside' and the epic 'All These Things That I've Done', The Killers are justifiably one of the biggest bands in the world today. Featuring 17 live takes, this stunning release finds the Las Vegas quartet hitting their peak in a truly monumental setting.

Filmed at London's Royal Albert Hall during two very special shows in July, the film highlights how, in five short years, the Las Vegas band has become one of the biggest and most exciting live bands in the world, with the showmanship to match their incredible catalogue of songs. This package also includes the band's first and only live CD with 80 minutes of live performance, as well as a behind-the-scenes documentary.

1. Enterlude
2. Human
3. This Is Your Life
4. Somebody Told Me
5. For Reasons Unknown
6. The World We Live In
7. Joy Ride
8. I Can't Stay
9. Bling (Confession Of A King)
10. Shadowplay
11. Smile Like You Mean It
12. Losing Touch
13. Spaceman
14. A Dustland Fairytale
15. Sam's Town
16. Read My Mind
17. Mr. Brightside
18. All These Things I've Done
19. Sweet Talk
20. This River Is Wild
21. Bones
22. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
23. When You Were Young
24. Exitlude
25. Tranquilize - Live At Oxegen Festival
26. Human - Live At Hyde Park
27. Mr. Brightside
28. Smile Like You Mean It Live at V Festival
29. When You Were Young - Live at V Festival

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