Arcturus 2012 Kovakansi


Tractors come in all different shapes and sizes, and Tractors of the World covers the field from the early steam-driven monsters to the traditional "two large, two small" wheel configuration; the Row Crop models with two small front wheels placed close together and two large rear wheels; and finally to the ultimate modern, four-wheel-drive, multigeared, mega-beasts with GPS devices and onboard computers. This is a colorful pictorial history of the tractor that depicts the days of primitive steam-powered traction engines, through to the sleek, sophisticated powerhouses that perform as the main workhorse of today's farming industry.

Kirjan koko: 30,5 x 22cm - Paino 0,8kg - 128 s.

Hakusanoja: traktorit traktori traktorikirja 

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