This couch is perfect for smaller spaces as it’s quite compact while folded and it converts from couch to bed away from the wall. Its simple construction ensures its longevity and if anything were to break it would be easy to fix with materials readily available from any hardware store. Another important feature of this couch is its modular construction. You can easily disassemble three sections of the couch with no tools. Separate sections of the couch are light enough for almost any grown-up to carry around which makes it easy to move and reposition the couch at least within a room.

A few things set this couch apart from its new generation currently available from Sotka! Its armrests are flat and wide enough to place things on them while you sit on the couch (book, phone, remote control, even plate or glas). There is a groove underneath the lower sitting cushion in the middle to grab and pull out the top sections of the couch – a lot more convenient way than bending to the very floor and doing it by grabbing and pulling from the very bottom of the couch. Observe how sitting cushions are protruding a bit from the front – that’s how they’ve made a space for that groove. Construction of the storage box doesn’t have any additional guide rails for rollers on the upper section so its space is used to a maximum. Simple wooden bar reinforces the bottom of the storage box.

Couch dimensions: width 165 cm, depth 87 cm, height 84 cm, seat height 47 cm.
Bed dimensions: width 135 cm, length 200 cm.
Materials: solid wood, plywood, furniture board, hardboard, laminate.
Seat cushion: foam.
Back cushions: polyester yarn fiber.

The couch is in good condition. Absolutely nothing is broken or damaged in any way. Upholstery is not torn nor faded anywhere, moderately worn out on the sitting cushion. There are just few light and barely noticeable stains on the inner side.

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