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1. Ilmoitettu hinta sisältää KAIKKI kohteen leffat. ÄLÄ SIIS OSTA KOHDETTA SELLAISENAAN. ellet halua koko satsia ja aio maksaa siitä pyydettyä 340 euroa. Näin vältät turhan negatiivisen palautteen ja muuta harmia. Sen sijaan toimi näin:

2. Jos löydät listalta haluamasi leffan tai leffat, laita alle kysymys, onko se vielä saatavilla. (Tämä on vuosia kestävä listaus, joten leffoja saattaa mennä muuallekin). Vastaan yleensä kysymyksiin saman tien.

3. Kun saat vastauksen, LAITA KOHTEESEEN 10 EURON HINTAEHDOTUS ja leffan nimi (tai jos haluat 2 leffaa 20 euron hintaehdotus jne). Jos olet toiminut ohjeiden mukaan, hyväksyn ehdotuksen ja leffa on sinun.

Postikulut 4 euroa per leffa, 2 leffaa 5 euroa, 3-4 leffaa 8 euroa. Elokuvat ovat DVD:itä ellei erikseen mainittu Blu-rayksi.

I Peggiori Eroi A Pagamento (The Worst Paid Heroes 2017) DVD

Two penniless and hopeless brothers, in order to give their 13 years old sister a better future, come up with an unusual activity: by using masks and a micro-camera they will publicly reveal the identity of the various scammers who are infesting Italy, becoming in this way "heroes for hire".

I babysitter 2016 DVD

Andrea is a thirty-year old guy who dreams to become a famous sports agent and works for Gianni Porini, a big name in the sports sector. The day Porini receives a prestigious prize at the Grand Gala of the Sport, his wife suddenly realizes that she'll need a babysitter to take care of his son Remo. In the hurry, she asks Andrea to look after Remo. Andrea sees it as a great chance to curry favor with his boss, and accepts. However, the exact same day was Andrea's birthday, and his friends Aldo and Mario decide to celebrate it in the woman's house organizing a party and filming the whole thing. The Porini's house becomes the location of a wild party. The following morning, police investigates on the devastated house and finds the camera used by Andrea's friends. 

Una donna per amica (A Woman as a Friend 2014) Blu-ray

Francis and Claudia are good friends . He is a lawyer, she is veterinary doctor. Among them there are no secrets , until John arrives. Claudia decides to marry him. Francis realizes that friendship between man and women is more complicated.

La Peggior Settimana Della Mia Vita (The Worst Week of my Life 2012) Blu-ray

The week before Paolo's and Margherita's wedding ... Paolo is forty years old, lives in Milan, has a job he likes and a friend named Ivano who will also be his best man. Margherita, on the other hand, is thirty years old, a veterinarian who brings an eccentric bourgeois family as a dowry who lives in an austere villa on Lake Como. Perhaps because of his awe towards Margherita's parents, and probably also because of the agitation of having to pronounce the fateful yes shortly, from the beginning of the week Paolo enters a whirlwind of tragicomic events.

Il Peggior Natale Della Mia Vita (Worst Christmas of my Life 2013) blu-ray - jatko-osa edelliseen

Paolo must reach the castle of Alberto Caccia where he has been invited to spend Christmas with his pregnant wife Margherita and her family...

... E fuori nevica! ( And Out Snow! 2014) Blu-ray

After their mother's death, two brothers have to take care of the third ill brother and live with his "games".

Tutta colpa di Freud (Blame Freud 2014) DVD

Francesco Taramelli is a psychoanalyst who is dealing with three patients going through various hurdles in their love lives: Marta is chasing a deaf-mute man who has stolen things from her book shop, Sara is a lesbian who was left by her girlfriend just after she proposed to her, and 18-year-old Emma is seeing a 50-year-old architect called Alessandro, who is already married. Unfortunately, these three patients are Francesco's three beloved daughters.

Un boss in salotto (A Boss in the Living Room 2014) DVD tai Blu-ray

Cristina lives a peaceful life until her older brother Ciro, who has to attend a trial, asks to spend house arrests at Cristina's home.

Una Piccola Impresa Meridionale (A Small Southern Enterprise) DVD

Mamma Stella is on edge. As if she hadn't got enough trouble already with her daughter Rosa Maria, who has left her husband now Costantino, her son, has disrobed. Afraid to be the talk of the village, relegates him to a distant lighthouse belonging to the family. But Costantino does not remain far from the madding crowd for long. It does not take long indeed before all the local (or even distant) outcasts flock together there: Magnolia, a retired escort girl; Arturo, Rosa Maria's estranged husband; Valbona, a lesbian; Rosa Maria herself; and, to crown it all, two eccentric workers accompanied by a little girl... After a period of chaos, this small world gradually discovers that unity makes strength. 

L'Ultima Ruota Del Carro (The Fifth Wheel 2013) DVD

The life of a sub-proletarian boy in Rome through the Seventies and Eighties, choosing his own path with his lifetimes friends and family.

La bellezza del somaro (Love & Slaps 2010)

Marcello is a successful architect, a husband and a distracted father (too) friendly. Marina is a psychologist maladjusted, wife and mother restrained 'eco-solidarity'. Rosa is in the ...

Sole a catinelle (2013) HUOM SEKÄ dvd tai blu-ray

The story of a father and a son. An on the road trip from South to North.

La Buca (Money Buddies 2014) blu-ray

Veteran ambulance chaser Oscar gets 'bitten' by a dog and decides to make some cash by suing its owner. However, this turns out to be Armando, a penniless man just released from jail after ...

Tutti contro tutti (All Against All 2013)

Agostino is the proud father of Andrea, who celebrates his first communion surrounded by the affection of his family. Returning from the church, Agostino discovers that his apartment has been occupied and the lock replaced. With his wife Anna, grandfather Rocco and brother-in-law Sergio try to react and to deal civilly with the occupants. Exhausted almost immediately his good manners, Augustine and his family occupied the landing, decided to recover their apartment and serenity. Their obstinacy starts an animating skirmish that will involve the entire multi-ethnic condominium. Between hostility and solidarity, Agostino will vindicate his right and that of his loved ones to a house. That house on the seventh floor of a popular building.

Botte di fortuna (The Brass Teapot 2012) Blu-ray

Based on the comic book series "The Brass Teapot" about a mid-twenty-year-old couple who, in these difficult economic times, finds a mysterious, magical brass teapot which makes them money but at a surprising price. After realizing the teapot's power, John and Alice must decide how far they will go to fulfill their dream.

Quel Fantasma Di Mio Marito (That Ghost My Husband 1950)

Gianni Alberti is a journalist who is sent to Palestine. He decides to fake a fatal accident so he can then return home as a hero. But things don't turn out as planned, Gianni end up coming back to Italy, but only as a ghost.

La nave dolce (The Human Gargo 2012)

On August 8, 1991 about 20,000 Albanians arrive in Bari, Italy looking for a better life. This is their story.

Amori Che Non Sanno Stare Al Mondo? (Stories of Love That Cannot Belong to This World 2017)

Claudia and Flavio were passionately in love for a long time. It all ended and things were not easy for her. After many years, their world is adrift. He feels the need to keep on going, down on the ground; she would rather never forget.

Io Sono Nata Viaggiando (I Was Born Traveling 2014)

"I was born traveling. My first memories are connected to the scent of new places. Luggage just opened, mothballs, shoe polish and the particular scent that permeated my mother's dresses." The life experiences, and travel memoirs of one of the most fascinating witnesses of the XX century: Dacia Maraini, one of Italy's most famous writers, arguably the most translated Italian author in the world. This film is an intimate diary, narrated through unseen photos and film clips, revisiting her memories of legendary journeys around the world with her partner Alberto Moravia and her close friends Pier Paolo Pasolini and Maria Callas. "During our journeys Alberto used to write articles for magazines, I would jot down notes for my novels and Pier Paolo scouted for movie locations. A journey back through Dacia Maraini's past, as well as a gripping portrait of the XX century shown through the historical events she lived through first hand that would deeply influence her work and artistic path.

La grande bellezza (Suuri kauneus 2013) Oscar-voittaja, pidennetty versio blu-ray 

Jep Gambardella has seduced his way through the lavish nightlife of Rome for decades, but after his 65th birthday and a shock from the past, Jep looks past the nightclubs and parties to find a timeless landscape of absurd, exquisite beauty.

Moglie e Marito ( Husband & Wife 2017)

Married for ten years, in full crisis, thinking about divorce. But following a failed scientific experiment, they suddenly find one inside the body of the other.

Tiramisù / Tiramisu 2016 

Antonio, a representative of medical supplies with no success, finds a brilliant way to present himself to the costumers and improve his sales: the special tiramisù (an italian dessert) made by his beautiful wife Aurora.

Made in Italy 2018 

Riko works in a cured meats factory, like his father, surrounded by more pigs than people. The real, everyday love he shares with Sarah, is in predicament. While Riko's unhappy with his job, he's lucky to be working at all, unlike several of his colleagues fired at the age of fifty. Not even going out with friends, including Carnevale, is enough to soothe the professional and existential crisis. To shake things up, he decides to drive to Rome with his friends. 

Passata prossimo (Past Perfect 2003)

Five friends meet up in a country house somewhere outside Rome over a long winter weekend. Each has unresolved relationship problems, some have problems with each other, and memories of other weekends in the same house hang in the air like distorting mirrors.

Romanzo criminale (King of Crime 2005) - full version 2-DVD 174 mins - postikulut tälle 5 eur

Set in the 1970s, it's the story of three lifelong friends who take control of organized crime in Rome.

Noi e la Giulia (The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles 2015) blu-ray

Diego, Claudio and Fausto don't know each other, but they are all looking for a turning point in their lives, each one for a different reason. The occasion comes with an offer for an abandoned agritourism, for which they decide to build a society being for them impossible to afford the buying price by itself. The project is joined by Sergio, a communist-nostalgic middle-aged. But some trouble with the local Camorra will made them sort it out in a dangerous way.

Che Vuoi Che Sia 2016

A young man challenges the web to offer money for a sex tape of him and his girlfriend to finance his work and finally be able to afford having a child. Is it really wrong to sell our own intimacy to afford realizing our dreams?

Quo vado? (Am I Going? 2015)

Checco is born on the privileged side of life in an Italian small town, with a guaranteed job as a public servant. When a new reformist government vows to cut down on bureaucracy, Checco is forced to accept worsening conditions.

Gli Sfiorati (Drifters 2011) Blu-ray

In this taboo drama, Mete must fight against his inappropriate attraction to his 17 year old half sister, who has just moved in to his flat in Rome.

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