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High school comedy. A trio of virginal high school seniors Katlyn (Rumer Willis) Trish (Kristin Cavallari) and Helen (Tania Raymonde) discover that members of the school football team have been keeping a bang book charting their sexual conquests. Putting two and two together the girls realise the provenance of the recent attentions they have been enjoying from a trio of guys on the football team and decide to take matters into their own hands.

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After watching this I expected to find that is was a project of mostly women. I does have a woman director but was written by men. The movie is a teen sex comedy in the vain of Porky's and American Pie but this one follows the women in the story. It tries to be funny and at times has its moments but overall nothing special. While most teen sex comedies focus on the boys trying to have sex this one centers around the story of girls trying not to let the boys have sex. It has some panty and bra scenes but no nudity. It has a montage about female masturbation and has one of the girls farting. This atypical approach lead me to expect women had a bigger part in making this movie. Perhaps if they had it might have been better.
The movie also has what I think is some very clever casting. Tania Raymonde who plays the lead character Helen McNicol looks alot in this film like Shannon Elizabeth did in American Pie. John White in this movie resembles Dan Monahan as the character Pee Wee in Porky's and John White's character Franklin Peters is the clumsy, naive, goofy character that is Pee Wee.

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