Wild Flowers  

Tales Like These      LP   


Condition  ..  Ex To Mint  [Cover / Media]

Label  ..  London/ Slash Records 828192-1

Genre  ..  IND;POP

Release Country  ..  UK    



1990 UK 10-track LP


recorded in California with Matt Wallace and including Shakedown plus   the title track.

The band was formed in 1983 in Wolverhampton, England, consisting of members Neal Cook (guitarist/vocalist), Dave Newton (guitarist), Mark Alexander (bassist), and Dave Fisher (drummer).

They released their debut album entitled The Joy of It All for the small Reflex label in 1984. Two singles were released from that album, 1983's "Melt Like Ice" and "Things Have Changed" from 1984. Newton left soon afterwards to form The Mighty Lemon Drops, and new member Dave Atherton was then brought in as guitarist. 

 Choosing to concentrate on breaking in America, the Wild Flowers became the first British band signed to the punk rock label Slash Records and in 1988 released the album Sometime Soon, followed by Tales Like These in 1990.



1. Shakedown

2. This Feeling's Gone

3. Put The Blame On Me

4. No Holy Spirits

5. Tales Like These

6. Green Hotel

7. Someone's Stolen (My Dreams)

8. Love Like Fire

9. Fever Tree

10. Hopes Crash Down




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