TNC96220, 2 × CD, Compilation



1Pretty Paper

2Pride Wins Again

3Let's Pretend

4I'm Building Heartaches

5Any Old Arms Won't Do

6And So Will You My Love

7Everything But You

8Happiness Lives Next Door

9Why Are You Picking On Me?

10I just Don't Understand

11I'll Stay Around

12Slow Down Old World

13Suffering In Silence

14Things To Remember

15Will You Remember Mine

16I Let My Mind Wonder

17The Last Letter

18Go Away


1You'll Always Have Someone

2Face Of A Fighter

3I'm Going To Lose A Lot Of Teardrops

4I Feel Sorry For Him

5Right From Wrong

6A Moment Isn't Very Long

7Broken Promises

8Home Is Where You're Happy

9I Can't Find The Time

10No Tomorrow In Sight

11I Hope So

12You Wouldn't Cross The Street To Say Goodbye

13Is there Something On Your Mind

14One Step Beyond

15She's Not For You

16Some Other Time

17What Can You Do To Me Now

18Touch Me

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