9551 Wings of Fury (Dragonlance Fifth Age Adventure Game Dramatic Supplement)

by Douglas Niles

TSR, 1998, 128+64 sivua, päällystetty. Hyvässä kunnossa.

Fly with the Dragons of Ansalon!

Within the long shadow of the dragon overlord's domains, villainous schemes approach fruition. Only a handful of courageous heroes dare to challenge these ruthless wyrms--and their success or failure will determine the future of Krynn.

Wings of Fury provides a wealth of detail about the mightiest creatures of Krynn. The handbook within this box, Dragonlore, presents details on all aspects of dragonkind, including the following:

  • The history of Krynn, told for the first time by its truly epic participants--the dragons.
  • Extensive descriptions of the Dragon Realms ruled by the overlords, including the schemes, resources, and weaknesses of each.
  • The lore of the ten clans of ancient dragons, including revered elders of each, current strongholds, and traditional enemies and allies.

Wings of Fury also features Wings Over Ansalon, an adventure that pits the heroes and powerful good dragons against the might of the great red dragon Malys herself! The adventure is playable by itself but also serves as the epic climax to the Dragons of a New Age adventure cycle. A full-color poster map details the Dragon Isles, the idyllic realm that has been clanhome to the good dragons for the last fourteen centuries.

Now is the time for heroes of Krynn to arise and take their stand against evil and destruction--for if the forces of Malys advance unchecked, the end of the world cannot lag far behind.

Wings of Fury uses the Saga dramatic adventure rules introduced in the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE boxed set.

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