The Bodley Head 1954 Kovakansi

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Illustrated by Charles W. Stewart

Nightmares Of Eminent Persons And Other Stories 

In his characteristic sarcastic style, he exposes the blatant lies, the veiled interests behind religious and political movements and the insanity of world `leaders' obsessed by personal power. Their nightmares reveal their hidden fears, naïve illusions, repressed wishes and frightening horror scenes.

Bertrand Russell (1872 - 1970). Philosopher, mathematician, educational and sexual reformer, pacifist, prolific letter writer, author and columnist, Bertrand Russell was one of the most influential and widely known intellectual figures of the twentieth century. In 1950 he was awarded the Noble Prize for Literature in 1950 for his extensive contributions to world literature and for his "rationality and humanity, as a fearless champion of free speech and free thought in the West

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