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9554 Citadel of Light (Dragonlance Fifth Age Adventure Game Dramatic Supplement)

by Steve Miller

TSR, 1998, kirjat 96+96 sivua, päällystetty. Hyvässä kunnossa.

A Light in the Darkness...

In a time when the shadows of the Great Dragons darken Ansalon's horizons, a single beacon shines brightly--the Citadel of Light!

Built by dwarves, protected by Solamnic Knights, and sacred to pilgrims of virtually every race on Krynn, the crystal domes of the Citadel of Light are the Fifth Age's first and greatest center of new magic. Guided by Goldmoon, venerable Hero of the Lance, Citadel mystics beat back the darkness by cultivating the last gift of the gods: the power of the heart! Citadel of Light explores the wonders of these powers in two 96-page books and a poster map. Features include:

  • Detail on the Citadel and its home, the island of Schallsea, from the point of view of Iryl Songbrook, an elf who fought in the War of the Lance and witnessed the rist of mystic magic.
  • Descriptions of key characters associated with the Citadel of Light.
  • New hero roles and rules for campaigns based around the Citadel.
  • A full-color illustrated poster map that depicts the Citadel and environs on one side and the isle of Schallsea on the other.
  • A full adventure that Narrators can use to weave an entire campaign around the Citadel of Light. With ties to the earlier Dragons of a New Age adventures, this booklet gives you the flexibility to forge your own new legends!

Citadel of Light uses the Saga dramatic adventure rules from the DRAGONLANCE: FIFTH AGE boxed set.

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