They're cute, they're happy, they're cuddly, they love life, and they die in the most gruesome ways - every single episode.
Together, they experience life at its worst in their cute little world. And they teach us all a lesson of what can go wrong, no matter how cute you are or how hard you try

episodes : Spin Fun, House Warming, Helping Helps, Crazy Antics, Havin' A Ball, Water You Wading For, Nuttin' Wrong with Candy, Wheelin' and Dealin', Pitchin' Impossible, Stayin' Alive, Treasure These Idol Moments, Chip Off the Ole Block, Nuttin' But the Tooth, and Hide and Seek.

Extras :
4 Interactive Smoochies!
Special Pop-Corn Video Episode
Meet the Characters
Storyboard to Episode Comparisons - Commentary
Original Sketches & Character Designs - Commentary
Bonus! Never Before Seen Episodes...

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