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Ike & Tina Turner - Work it out (3cd)
Golden Stars

1. A fool in love
2. I idolize you
3. It's gonna work out fine
4. Chicken shack
5. Good bye, so long
6. Hurt is all you gave me
7. I don't need
8. Gonna have fun
9. Don't you blame it on me
10. I wish my dreams would come true
11. Hard times
12. It's crazy baby
13. Something came over me
+ bonus:
14. Baby - get it on (live)
1. Stagger Lee and Billy
2. Beaty is just skin deep
3. River deep - mountain high
4. Shake a tail feather
5. Bet'cha can't kiss me (just one time)
6. It sho' ain't me
7. We need an understanding
8. Ain't nobody's business
9. I can't stop loving you
10. Too hot to hold
11. Please love me
12. So fine
13. I better get ta steppin'
+ bonus:
14. Honky tonk women (live)
1. Rock me baby
2. My babe
3. I've been loving you too long
4. Crazy 'bout you baby
5. I smell trouble
6. It's all over
7. I want to take you higher
8. Ooh poo pah doo
9. Proud Mary
10. Nutbush city limits
11. Sweet Rhode Island red
12. Mississippi rolling stone
+ bonus:
13. Come together (live)
14. River deep - mountain high (live)

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